Diecast 101

ELITE Premier Edition

ELITE Premier Edition die-cast are the most detailed die-cast available on the market today! The ELITE Premier Edition die-cast are exclusive to RCCA Members and strictly limited to 1 per member. This highly detailed and collectable die-cast will be an item that true die-cast enthusiasts will want in their collections. ELITE Premier Edition die-cast are superior in every way – fully die-cast chassis and chassis plate, detailed engine compartment, tethers, etched gold serial plate, low production run, collector box, numbered Certificate of Authenticity, and more. Don’t wait to order as these will be offered on a limited-time basis but must reach Lionel’s minimum order quantity to be produced.


ELITE die-cast are highly sought after and very detailed NASCAR® die-cast for every collector. As one of the premium 1:24 scale die-cast brands for Lionel Racing, ELITE die-cast are painstakingly designed to replicate every inch of a real NASCAR stock car. Not only does each die-cast body reflect the contour and body shape of the cars fans see on track, the details under the hood are also second to none.

ARC – Action Racing Collectables

For more than 25 years, the Action Racing Collectables brand has been the staple for die-cast collectors and enthusiast. Produced by Lionel Racing, ARC die-cast are an integral part of a race fan’s experience. Still the Choice of Champions, Action Racing Collectibles (ARC) cars have been promoted by star drivers and teams for the past 25 years. In 2018, Lionel Racing consolidated the ARC Platinum, ARC Gold and ARC Silver brands under one brand, Action Racing Collectables.

From the 1:64 scale, toy-sized cars that children and collectors can’t get enough of, to the larger 1:24 scale cars that are highly sought after by fans at the track, these souvenirs are unique to the sport and bring fans close to their drivers.

Action Racing Collectables die-cast are carefully produced to replicate what fans see on race day. Each 1:24 scale Action Racing Collectables die-cast features replica paint schemes and detailed parts and pieces.

Raced Wins

The crowd goes wild, team members are high fiving, a burnout is taking place and confetti rains from the sky. This is the ultimate goal of every NASCAR driver - taking the black-and-white checkered flag and driving the car into Victory Lane. These are the moments fans also want to remember and that’s why Lionel Racing produces Raced-Win die-cast.

A replica of what the winning car looked like in Victory Lane, Raced Win die-cast give each fan a way to seize those winning moments and remember them for years to come. Making a Raced Win replica die-cast takes time, patience and expertise.

NASCAR Classics

There was a time when racers were tougher than the cars they drove. When drivers had scores to settle on the white-hot asphalt and sometimes beyond it. These pioneers raced to live and lived to race and it is their competitive spirit that has made NASCAR what it is today. The NASCAR Classics die-cast line honors these motorsports heroes with historic die-cast cars that have never before been available to collectors. Spanning the era from the early 1940s to the late 1990s, NASCAR Classics die-cast are detailed, authentic, and they each capture an important moment from the sport’s storied past.

Lionel Racing introduced the first die-cast in this line in 2011. Each year, at least one of the NASCAR Classics cars makes it onto Lionel Racing’s annual best-sellers list. NASCAR Classics are offered in 1:24 scale and also in 1:64 scale if that tool is available.


Lionel Racing gives collectors the opportunity to acquire the most collectible die-cast in motorsports – cars that have been signed by the driver who made them famous. What makes these die-cast so collectible? These signed cars give fans the chance to personalize their collection with one of the most coveted of all mementos – a legitimate signature from a motorsports star. These die-cast are also sold in limited production runs, which adds to the collectability of these exciting cars. Each 1:24 scale NASCAR die-cast is signed on the windshield, typically in silver metallic ink. This makes the signature bold and more legible. When purchasing an autographed car, authenticity is one of the most important factors to consider. At Lionel Racing we take the necessary steps to authenticate each autograph. Enclosed with each autographed die-cast is a Certificate of Authenticity that states the car has been personally signed by the driver, team owner, or crew chief.

Special Finishes

In addition to the standard die-cast cars that Lionel Racing produces, we also produce several unique cars that are highly-collectible and much sought after by NASCAR fans. One of those items is special finish die-cast. Each year, Lionel Racing offers a standard finish die-cast, which is based on how the car ran at the track, in addition to what we call Special Finishes. Special Finish die-cast feature either a special paint additive or are actually chrome plated to produce a more high-end look and feel. These are also produced in very limited numbers, which makes them highly collectible. Currently Special Finish die-cast are offered in Color Chrome, Liquid Color, Galaxy Color, Flashcoat Color, Raw and Gold.


Lionel Racing's ICON die-cast is a legendary new finish reserved for the sport's legendary moments. Inspired by the championship trophies that Lionel Racing creates for Goodyear at the end of each race season, each ICON car is fully plated in a gleaming chrome finish — the body, the chassis, the engine, the interior and the wheels. Then each one is polished to perfection creating a trophy piece that any collector would be proud to own and display.

NASCAR Authentics

Lionel Racing – The Official Die-Cast of NASCAR – is the sport’s official mass retail partner when it comes to die-cast cars and other vehicles. Lionel Racing’s mass retail line is merchandised under the NASCAR Authentics brand, and includes 1:64-scale die-cast cars and 1:64-scale haulers. NASCAR Authentics die-cast can be purchased at major retailers like Walmart, Target, Meijer, and more.