Lionel Racing FAQs

A: Per the RDF (Retail Delivery Fee) law in Colorado retailers are now required to charge $0.27 per delivery by motor vehicle to anyone in Colorado.
A: There are two methods for placing orders:
  • Call 1.800.952.0708 and speak to our customer service agents.
  • You may also shop online here on our website.
A: Yes. Until an order or item enters the shipping process, billing and/or shipping addresses may be updated by logging into your account, visiting your Purchase History page and following the instructions provided there.
A: Yes. Until an order or item enters the shipping process, credit card information may be updated by logging into your account, visiting your Purchase History page and following the instructions provided there.
A: Sometimes. For eligible orders/items, until it enters the shipping process, it may be cancelled by logging into your account, visiting your Purchase History page and following the instructions provided there. NOTE: Some items are not eligible to be cancelled online. If there is any issue with such an order/item, please contact Lionel.
A: Yes, Action Racing Collectables and RCCA ELITE die-cast can be found at trackside souvenir rigs, team shops, your local die-cast dealer, and various other channels of distribution. RCCA ELITE™ special finish die-cast are exclusive to RCCA Members. However, if you purchase RCCA ELITE cars anywhere other than through Lionel Racing, you will not receive E-POINTS™ for your purchase.
A: Yes and no. The majority of Lionel Racing die-cast is offered on a pre-order basis. As programs and paint schemes are announced, we offer them online and through our other channels of distribution. Pre-orders are typically shipped within 60 to 120 days and you will not be billed until the product ships. Lionel Racing does also offer in-stock product on its web site and through the call center. If you purchase in-stock product, you will be billed at the time of purchase. All product is clearly marked "Pre-order" online or "Add to cart". "Pre-order" is a pre-order and should have a published estimated ship date on the item record while "Add to Cart" items are in stock and available to ship immediately.
A: No, new product will be offered at any time. The RCCA catalog requires as much as six weeks lead time to produce and only contains highlights of all the products that are available. For our full selection, be sure to check this site on a regular basis or contact a customer service agent at 1.800.952.0708.
A: RCCA will no longer mail catalogs each month. Instead, we will begin mailing either a catalog or flyer at most 2 times per year. Be sure to sign up to receive email blasts to see the newest releases or join the Lionel Racing Forum to stay up to date on the latest product releases. If you have questions about the RCCA catalog please call customer service at 800-952-0708 or be sure to review them online.
A: RCCA ELITE die-cast is the most highly detailed of any of the die-cast that Lionel Racing offers. Each ELITE die-cast is produced with more parts and pieces including opening hood, trunk, roof flaps, detailed engine compartment, fuel cell, working suspension, and more. ELITE die-cast are also produced in limited production numbers and each piece is individually numbered with a DIN (Diecast Identification Number) and has the serial number printed on the chassis to match the DIN.
A: A Raced Win die-cast is a replica of the winning stock car at the end of the race. Lionel Racing has its own team of photographers who photograph the winning car from every angle as it sits in Victory Lane. Our production team uses these photos to bring collectors an authentic replica die-cast – from tire scuffs to confetti. These die-cast are typically offered for pre-order the week after the race and may take six months to ship. Lionel Racing offers Raced Win die-cast in both our Action Racing Collectables and ELITE brands. We do not make every Raced Win, but selectively offer these die-cast based on the significance of the race, the driver, and what we and the race team think the market will bear. For more details click here...
A: Yes, Lionel Racing does ship internationally. Shipping rates vary per order. Please call our Customer Service Center at 1.800.952.0708 to find out the shipping rate of your specific order.
A: Yes! In late 2010, Lionel, LLC, the maker of the iconic Lionel Electric Trains, entered into a joint venture with NASCAR Team Properties to begin Lionel NASCAR Collectables. In 2013, Lionel assumed full ownership of the company and renamed it Lionel Racing. With more than 100 years of expertise in the production and design of high-end train collectibles, Lionel is committed to growing the die-cast market and to providing collectors with the highest quality replica race cars available. To find out more about Lionel Trains, visit or
A: This could be for two reasons. RCCA will no longer mail catalogs each month. Instead, we will begin mailing either a catalog or flyer every 2-3 months. Also, because of the enormous size of the RCCA membership database, RCCA only mails catalogs to active members - that is, members who have made a purchase within the past 12 months. If you have stopped receiving RCCA catalogs, you may have fallen to inactive status. Also, if you have recently moved, you may need to update the contact information on your account. If shipping address is located outside the U.S. or Canada, customer must call in to request a catalog. Please call Customer Service at 1.800.952.0708 or click on the My Account tab on the home page to check on your status and/or update your contact information.
A: The E-POINTS program, which began in 2008, is a customer rewards program that is one of the benefits of being an RCCA member. When an RCCA member makes a purchase through the RCCA Call Center or at, he is awarded one (1) point for every dollar spent.
RCCA members may also earn points for select specials or attendance at RCCA events.
There are four levels of RCCA membership.

  • RCCA ELITE - Annual E-POINTS of less than 250 in a calendar year.
  • RCCA ELITE Bronze - Annual E-POINTS points of 250 to 499 in a calendar year.
  • RCCA ELITE Gold - Annual E-POINTS of 500 to 999 in a calendar year.
  • RCCA ELITE Platinum - Annual E-POINTS of 1,000 or more in a calendar year.
Annual E-POINTS levels are reset to zero at the beginning of each calendar year. RCCA members also maintain a gift card E-POINTS balance that resets to zero after a member's E-POINTS reach the 2,500 mark. Once a member reaches this E-POINTS level, a one-time use $25 promo code will be supplied to the customer. However, a member's lifetime E-POINTS balance never disappears, as long as that member remains active. A member’s lifetime balance will never go away, however if a customer does not make a purchase in 12 months he will lose his annual and cumulative E-POINTS amounts.
A: In 2012, Lionel Racing began offering customers the opportunity to place a contingency order on sold-out items. When an item is sold out, a contingency order essentially places you on a waiting list. This means that if another customer cancels his order or has insufficient funds, the next person on the contingency order list will receive the die-cast.
A: Lionel Racing works with various partners to offer apparel, display cases, posters, prints and other collectible items. Be sure to look through our web site or call Customer Service 1.800.952.0708 to find out about special items.
A: Yes, Lionel Racing and RCCA routinely secure autographed die-cast. Each autographed car is usually accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The number of autographed die-cast cars available per driver can be very limited, so please contact Customer Service and ask to be placed on their outbound call list to be notified when these become available.
A: No, Lionel Racing uses your contact information to communicate new offerings to RCCA members and to perform outbound call campaigns based on customer preferences and previous purchasing habits. We also send weekly e-mails to customers, to notify them of news, sales, and product releases. From time to time, RCCA may extend offers to our membership from third parties that will offer exclusive benefits to RCCA members.
A: Yes, Lionel Racing can be found on various social media channels - including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. You're invited to follow our social media channels and interact with us and fellow die-cast collectors there.
A: Yes. However, you must have an active e-mail address in our Lionel Racing database to join. Click here to join in on the discussion...
A: Lionel Racing offers the majority of its die-cast on a pre-order basis through its various sales channels. When a die-cast is released for pre-order, we have a limited amount of time to meet the minimum order quantity (known as M.O.Q.) needed to produce the car. Different products have different M.O.Q. levels and these levels are dictated by our vendors. Unfortunately, if we don't receive enough orders to meet the M.O.Q., we cannot make the die-cast. If a die-cast you have pre-ordered fails to meet M.O.Q. and is cancelled, you will not be charged for the car. Please be assured that Lionel Racing makes every effort to produce every die-cast that it offers for pre-order.
A: Please send an e-mail to or call 1.800.952.0708 and our team will put you in touch with one of our authorized distributors.
A: Beckett Media is the best source to find out the value of your die-cast. Beckett publishes a quarterly magazine and you can also visit their web site -
A: As the majority of Lionel Racing die-cast available on this site and through the Call Center are pre-orders, payment is not due until the product is available for shipment. We request payment information when an order is placed and will accept credit cards, debit cards and pre-paid credit cards. Credit cards accepted are: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Your card will not be charged until the product is available to be shipped. If a credit card has insufficient funds, you will be notified and have two (2) business days to provide sufficient funds.
A: For questions about your account or recent purchases, please contact our Call Center at 1.800.952.0708 You can e-mail Lionel Racing and RCCA by emailing us at, or write us at:

Lionel Racing
6301 Performance Drive
Concord, NC 28027

You can also reach out to Lionel Racing on its Facebook page or contact us via Twitter at @Lionel_Racing. Please note that we will NOT respond to questions about an individual’s purchases or account status via Facebook or Twitter or our Lionel Racing Forum.
A: DIN stands for Diecast identification number. Every ARC and ELITE die-cast is produced with its own unique DIN. The DIN, visible through the car’s back window, allows collectors the opportunity to register their die-cast and keep track of their collection. You can register your DINs at
A: The SSUT is a flat 8% tax rate for ALL sales into the state of Alabama, regardless of county.

The required statement is:

"Seller has collected the simplified seller's use tax on taxable transactions delivered into Alabama and the tax will be remitted on the customer's behalf to the Alabama Department of Revenue.

Seller's program account number is SSU-R010529502."
A: recommends the use of the Google Chrome browser. We do support all other major browsers. We do not recommend IE10+ nor MS Edge. We do not support IE9 or older. This is for desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.