Lionel Racing: Special Finishes

RAW made its debut in 2014 to rave reviews by fans and collectors. RAW special finish die-cast feature a rough, untouched body that makes for a tough-as-nails look with the barest hint of clear coating to prevent oxidation. These die-cast are decaled with full-color logos that stand out on the cool metal background.

Not for the faint of heart, RAW is a heavy metal finish that we anticipate will again be one of the hottest special finishes of the year.

A perennial favorite among die-cast fans, Color Chrome cars have a special finish with a very high gloss. Color Chrome is a labor-intensive process of polishing the entire body of the car by hand. Then the die-cast is chrome-plated with a multi-step electro-plating process, painted with clear lacquer inspired by the color tint of the original car, and sponsor decals are applied over the top. The result is a superior quality product and dazzling finish.

For the purists who prefer their special finish die-cast to closely match what they see on track, Liquid Color fits the bill. Liquid Color is a semi-metallic painted finish that creates a reflective version of a team’s standard paint scheme. The Liquid Color finish has an eye-catching sheen that is a definite stand-out in any collection.

Galaxy Color die-cast have a unique painted finish with tiny pinpricks of light that make these special die-cast look out of this world. One of our most popular finishes, Galaxy Color cars look incredible when displayed under lights or in sunlight where the “starry” finish creates a truly show-stopping collector’s piece.

Lionel Racing's ICON die-cast is a legendary new finish reserved for the sport's legendary moments.

Inspired by the championship trophies that Lionel Racing creates for Goodyear at the end of each race season, each ICON car is fully plated in a gleaming chrome finish — the body, the chassis, the engine, the interior and the wheels. Then each one is polished to perfection creating a trophy piece that any collector would be proud to own and display.

Flashcoat die-cast have a magnificent finish that gives the effect that the die-cast is actually changing shades and colors as you move it around light. A very popular finish among fans because of the “flash” that radiates through this die-cast when showing to other collectors!