Lionel Racing: ARC - Action Racing Collectables

For more than 25 years, the Action Racing Collectables brand has been the staple for die-cast collectors and enthusiast.

Produced by Lionel Racing, ARC die-cast are an integral part of a race fan’s experience. Still the Choice of Champions, Action Racing Collectibles (ARC) cars have been promoted by star drivers and teams for the past 25 years. In 2018, Lionel Racing consolidated the ARC Platinum, ARC Gold and ARC Silver brands under one brand, Action Racing Collectables.

From the 1:64 scale, toy-sized cars that children and collectors can’t get enough of, to the larger 1:24 scale cars that are highly sought after by fans at the track, these souvenirs are unique to the sport and bring fans close to their drivers.

Spanning various racing series such as NASCAR, NHRA, and more, Action Racing Collectables die-cast are carefully produced to replicate what fans see on race day. Each 1:24 scale Action Racing Collectables die-cast features replica paint schemes and detailed parts and pieces.

The Action Racing Collectables brand is wildly popular for both kids and adults.

1:24 Scale Action Racing Collectables Platinum – ARC Platinum 1:24 scale die-cast feature an opening hood and trunk (HOTO) and are carefully crafted of more than 180 individual parts and pieces. - DISCONTINUED 2017

1:24 Scale Action Racing Collectables Silver – ARC Silver 1:24 scale die-cast are produced as a hood-open (HO) die-cast only but still offer plenty of realistic features for a lower price point. - DISCONTINUED 2017

1:64 Scale Action Racing Collectables – Commonly known as “matchbox-sized” cars, ARC 1:64 scale die-cast are a popular size among collectors of all ages.